COMPETITION: FuturArc Prize 2014, Singapore

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futurearc prize 2014 singapore water

Location Singapore
Competition type Open
Eligibility Anyone (professional and student categories)
Latest registration 20 Dec 2013
Submission deadline 20 Dec 2013
Lowest entry fee Free
Top prize SGD$15,000 [1]"
Submission format Digital
Paid travel for winner No
Intention to build No

Water and the City | Designing for Survival and Well-Being

Water is a hot-button issue resulting in conflicts between nations. Some 80% of us live in places facing water security problems. Scarcity in Asia, it seems, is partly due to insufficient sources or a dry climate. The Asian Development Bank, in its 2013 report on water development, speaks of complications arising from climate-related disasters and poor governance. Our homes, industries and neighbourhoods are not sophisticated enough to channel what is available. Governments are sometimes not smart enough to value what there is; sources are degraded, consumption can be wasteful and distribution ineffective.

The brief for FuturArc Prize 2014 calls for a new vision of the water in the city. At the building scale this may take the form of new typologies for sourcing, storage and recycling; or it may call a rethink of existing typologies such as homes and offices. At the urban scale, it might manifest itself through new networks or infrastructure that deal with flows and loops. The goal is in part sufficiency (therefore survival); it is also the well-being of settlements and the ecological systems that we depend on.

>> More information at the competition website here

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  1. Top student prize SGD$5,000 / in Sep 2013 SGD$15,000 was approximately equal to USD$12,000 and SGD$5,000 approximately USD$4,000 []



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2 responses to COMPETITION: FuturArc Prize 2014, Singapore

  1. Hi! Thanks for spreading the message! I realised that the year for the registration and submission dates are stated wrongly here though – it’s supposed to be 20 Dec 2013. Thanks for changing. Cheers.

  2. Thank you for pointing that out. I have corrected it.

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